Yonas Hagos

One day three friends Yonas, Kevin, and Sandy were having a cocktail together and enjoying a pleasant sunny Saturday afternoon. Yonas was a decorated US Army Veteran and serial entrepreneur, but his story is more interesting than that. He is an Ethiopian refugee, born in a refugee camp in Sudan. He emigrated with his family to the US and settled in a small apartment in Wheaton, Illinois. After the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11, he enlisted in the US Army and earned a Purple Heart fighting in Iraq. When he returned from the war he became a serial entrepreneur opening up multiple popular restaurant franchises. He operates Dunkin Donuts, Smoothie King, Arby’s, and Chicken Salad Chick franchises in the Midwest.

All that just wasn’t enough though for Yonas.

The year was 2020, a time of uncertainty, except for one thing. Everyone enjoyed a moment to relax while having a cocktail or other libation when the time was right; but which one? And that’s how Kountry Vodka™ was born.

Yonas declared it was a concept and name he had long contemplated and right then and there he, with Kevin and Sandy, formed the new company. Next came Brandon, a key piece to our partnership, a former bar owner with contacts in the industry and marketing experience.  He was intrigued by the story and decided to join the group. Allie joined the team and put together the website and brand identification materials. Enter Brad, a marketing man who developed the theme from the original concept – the “United State of Vodka”. Together – Yonas, Kevin, Sandy, Brandon, Allie, and Brad – are the Kountry team.

Just as the original founders envisioned it, Kountry Vodka is the vodka for everyone, because everyone has a little Kountry in them. We harken to a simpler time, to an open field or natural setting. Kountry with a “K” distinguishes Kountry Vodka™ from our differences; it’s not a Country, but the country that we yearn for. In the United State of Vodka™, everyone is welcome and there is a place for everyone, whether a farmer, factory worker, or downtown executive, when it’s time to kick back, it’s Kountry.

Kountry Vodka™ comes from Middle America, the heartland, and it is welcomed everywhere. It’s an uncomplicated place where hard work is rewarded with the happiness of friends, family, and the great outdoors. Read the Kountry Vodka™ label, it says it all.


Kountry Vodka™ is made from “Midwestern corn. It is distilled using a special distilling process that is rigorously tested for quality and consistency. Our recipe is unique and cannot be duplicated. Starting with only the best ingredients and using a time-tested distilling process, Kountry Vodka™ is uncompromising in thedelivery of the best Midwestern vodka you can buy.